Percocet with a Tylenol Chaser

This week has been filled with more pain than at any other time in my life.  I can’t believe I let my doctor talk me into having 3 surgeries at once.

On Monday afternoon I had a septoplasty, a sinus turbinate reduction and a tonsillectomy.

Truth be told, I’d been looking forward to it for over a month.  Once I decided to go for it I wanted to just do it and get it over with and hopefully get some relief from my sinus problems and migraines.  I posted about it here.

For a migraineur, though, any change to normal routine is just asking for trouble.

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Have You Ever Been Hit In The Face?

I’ve found, over the past 20 or some odd years, that living in Los Angeles comes with specific times of the year when my sinuses are most irritated.  Usually when it’s the most beautiful outside.

About 19 months ago I decided to finally consult an ENT and see what could be done.  He ordered scans.  They showed a couple of things:  my nose is really messed up and my sinuses are really messed up.

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Persian For Cheese

I made Paneer today.  I’ve always understood it to be an Indian fresh cheese but learned today that the word “paneer’ is Persian for “cheese” and that the Indians learned a lot about dairy and cheese-making from the Persians.  So, there you go!

Making the Paneer was so easy it’s almost feels like a non-accomplishment.  It took more effort to get up the nerve to try it than it did to actually make it.  After reading about a dozen sites and watching a few YouTube videos, I found the info here to be the easiest to understand.

Basically, you get 8 cups of whole milk.  I used organic.  And then you need 2 to 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.

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To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

That is the question…

It seems as if every week there’s a new consensus on vitamins and supplements.  Or rather, a recycling of an old concesus; they’re beneficial, they’re a complete waste of money, they’re harmful, they’re beneficial, they’re a complete waste of money, they’re harmful, they’re…well, you get the idea.

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Farm Fresh To Me

I wrote in an earlier post about receiving fresh produce delivered right to my front door.  Farm Fresh To You is the service I have been using.

They let you select from a variety of mixes, frequency of delivery (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and they even let you do some customizing.  Say you never want to receive lettuce, you just opt-out of lettuces and they’ll put in a replacement item, at their discretion.

I’ve received deliveries twice now and I have to say that I’m impressed!  I’ve tried a couple of CSAs in the past but was always discouraged by having to go to a certain place at a specified time and then not finding things to be as fresh as I’d expect.

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It occurred to me today that what I want the most about my diet is control.  Control over the things I eat, what they contain and where they come from.  I’m beginning to go to great lengths for control.

Making Fresh-Pressed Orange Juice

For instance, I am starting to make a lot of things from scratch.  No, I’m not going to grow my own oranges, and I may not even go pick them, but once I can verify from the labels that I’m buying certified organic, locally-grown oranges then I will make and freeze orange zest and use the oranges for fresh-pressed orange juice.  And, someday I’ll take the time to make candied orange peel.  Maybe, even, from oranges I’ve picked myself.