Have You Ever Been Hit In The Face?

I’ve found, over the past 20 or some odd years, that living in Los Angeles comes with specific times of the year when my sinuses are most irritated.  Usually when it’s the most beautiful outside.

About 19 months ago I decided to finally consult an ENT and see what could be done.  He ordered scans.  They showed a couple of things:  my nose is really messed up and my sinuses are really messed up.

He suggested surgery.  I went somewhere else.

He suggested surgery, also.  So I went somewhere else.

The third doctor looked at my scans and said, “Have you ever been hit in the face?”  My jaw dropped.  He followed up with, “Boy, you’ve got one messed up nose!”  Naturally, he suggested surgery.

I finally gave in. Surgery is in 6 days.

What really cinched the decision was this little idea presented by the third doctor:  my septum is deviated in such a way that it is seriously impinging on upper area of the left side of my nasal passage which could be pressing on a nerve.  When this is fixed it has been found to be a great relief to those who suffer from migraines.

Those were the words I needed to hear.

So now I’m 6 days out from having surgery to fix my deviated septum, reduce the size of sinus “turbinettes” and have my tonsils removed (a decision I made since the doctor can tell that they’ve had many infections and since I’m already going to be taking the time off of work to recover).

Wish me luck!


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