Percocet with a Tylenol Chaser

This week has been filled with more pain than at any other time in my life.  I can’t believe I let my doctor talk me into having 3 surgeries at once.

On Monday afternoon I had a septoplasty, a sinus turbinate reduction and a tonsillectomy.

Truth be told, I’d been looking forward to it for over a month.  Once I decided to go for it I wanted to just do it and get it over with and hopefully get some relief from my sinus problems and migraines.  I posted about it here.

For a migraineur, though, any change to normal routine is just asking for trouble.

To Hell and Back

I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the surgery, which was at 1:30 p.m.  Monday morning I was out of bed at 5 a.m. to have a big breakfast and a cup of coffee.  But by the time I arrived at the doctor’s office at 12:30 I was on my way to a full-blown dehydration-induced migraine.  The nurse asked me a few routine questions, one of which was how I was feeling about the surgery.  I don’t do well with anything medical and any other time I would have been a nervous wreck but I said, “Right now, I couldn’t care less.  I have a migraine and that’s all I can think about.”  Luckily, she was sympathetic (you’d be surprised how many people in the medical community really don’t understand migraines) and turned out the lights in the room.  She then asked the anesthesiologist to get my IV started early so they could give me something for the pain.  It must have been something wonderful because I don’t remember much at all after that.

Unfortunately, though, after the surgery the migraine returned and Monday night and Tuesday were one of the worst pains on record for me.  The percocet wasn’t even touching it and I had to switch to Vicodin that I already had on hand and a constant rotation of ice packs.  I resorted to writing down every time I took a pill to be sure that I wouldn’t take too much, something I’ve done before.

By noon Tuesday I called my regular doctor and begged for a house call.  He came through and I got a shot of toradol for the migraine followed by a Frova.  The relief I felt was like the heavens opening up and delivering a gentle cool mist.

Wednesday was a day I’d like to forget.  I went in to the surgeon’s office to have the packing removed.  Between the surgery, my migraine and the fact that my period had started that morning I simply had no more pain threshold.  I literally screamed as he pulled out the cotton from inside my nose.  Blood poured like crazy and I nearly passed out.  He said I was the first patient in 30 years who has screamed.  I rolled my eyes and resisted the desire to hit him.

Since then I’ve been home, mostly in bed, popping percocets every few hours followed by an extra-strenth Tylenol.  Needless to say my diet has been less than ideal and I’m looking forward to getting back to my goal of more whole foods.  This week has been full of sorbet, ice cream, chocolate pudding and apple juice.  Last night I was craving protein so much that I forced down a couple of soft scrambled eggs.

If I had been able to taste them I’m sure they would have been the best eggs ever!


One thought on “Percocet with a Tylenol Chaser

  1. That picture pretty much says it all! I remember the pain TOO well from my sinus/septoplasty surgery in 2010. The only saving grace is that you WILL feel a million times better once you are healed and in 6-8 months you will be breathing like a champ!! Hang in there my friend!!!!!

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