Gone Pickin’

I’ve written before about the wonderful CSA I subscribe to, Farm Fresh To You.  Well, this past Saturday they had their very first “open farm” event out in Bardsdale.

Bardsdale is about 40 miles from where I live but once you get there it feels as if it’s a hundred miles away!  The winding drive through the canyon was beautiful.  We (I took my Little Sister with me) passed orchard after orchard of oranges and lemons with hundreds of trees heavy with the weight of their fruit.  The weather was perfect at about 82 and the drive was peaceful and serene.

I wasn’t sure what kind of turnout they would get and I was really glad to see that a LOT of people showed up!  We parked about 1/4 mile from farm and walked slowly, as if we’d lived in the country all our life.  They had a couple of very friendly greeters who took my $4 entry fee (my Little was free since she’s under 12), gave us a couple of big plastic bags and told us to pick all the oranges we could carry!

We saw lots of families sitting under avocado trees and orange trees enjoying their personally-brought picnic and the live music from Border Radio.  It was one of those scenes that makes you feel like life is good.  Really good.

Farm Fresh To You will be having one of these days every 3rd Saturday of the month.  Rarely will you find me advocating for a “brand” on this blog but this service has been so wonderful that I encourage you to attend one of these Saturdays (you don’t have to be a subscriber to go).

Take your family and friends, put together a picnic and be sure to send me pictures!

As for me, I’ve gone pickin’.


4 thoughts on “Gone Pickin’

    • Tammy – I can’t wait to go again. I so enjoyed the peaceful feeling and it made my “short” weekend so much more pleasant! Now I just have to figure out what to do with so many oranges – I need something to do with all those orange peels 🙂

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