About This Blog(ger)


About This Blog(ger)


Thanks for visiting my blog!  If you’re new here the best place to get some info and what this blog is all about is here, my first post from February, 2012.

I am a 36-year old single woman living in Los Angeles who has decided that enough is enough and am embarking an a true effort to make better food and lifestyle decisions for myself.  My main goals are to get off all of my medications, to eradicate or, at the very least, greatly reduce my migraines (both their frequency and intensity) and to simply feel better.  A bit abstract, yes, but I know I’ll know when I feel it.  This blog is to both record the journey and to keep me motivated to stay engaged.

I’d love to hear from my readers.  Tell me if you suffer from migraines and how you deal with them, how you manage a whole-food diet in a processed-food world and feel free to ask me any questions.

Hope to hear from you!

Recipe Method Disclaimer:

I am really good at following recipes created by other people.  I’m even better at not following recipes created by other people.  But when it comes to writing a recipe, I’m woefully inept.  When I’m in my kitchen throwing things together I never measure anything.  Sometimes I’ll know I added a tablespoon of butter but only because of that little mark they put on the butter wrapper.  And, what’s more, I encourage this type of cooking for you in your kitchen.  It inspires and requires more creativity both of which are needed for learning how to cook better and for learning to use what you have on hand rather than going out and buying new ingredients for one recipe that you may never use again.  Sure, sometimes you’ll have a complete disaster but so what?  And, sometimes, even a complete disaster can be saved.  For example, a few months ago I cooked a crock of baked beans and put in WAY too much salt.  So I simply used them in a chili and didn’t add anymore salt.  That was amazing.

I plan on posting lots of recipes on this site but I do not plan on “writing” lots of recipes…so please follow along as un-closely as possible and be sure to let me know how you’ve tweaked and changed things to make them even better because, like I said, I am really good at following recipes created by other people!


15 thoughts on “About This Blog(ger)

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  5. You cook like I do! Ha! I have really had to start jotting down notes when I cook so that I can share some semblance of my ingredients and amounts with people on the blog, but it DOES NOT come naturally. Glad to have found your blog and yummy recipes!

    • Funny that you say that – I am going to attempt to make the Baked Bean Chili tonight and plan on actually writing down the recipe – go figure! I’m also looking into getting some recipe software that will force me to enter the ingredients and “write down” the steps so that I can give my readers more specifics. Good luck to us both!!

  6. Yup we do cook the same way – I should say something about that on my blog. Must remember to always tell people my measurements are guesstimates based on how much I think I used 🙂 because, like you, I NEVER measure and I also have rescued disasters by turning them into something else :)besides, does EVERY meal have to be a gourmet masterpiece?

    • Well, exactly! I think I learn a lot more from my disasters than I do from my successes, especially in the kitchen. I’m working on at least offering a list of ingredients estimated to the best guest for those readers who really need that, like I did for the Roasted Chicken recipe. I just hope people still try to improv their way through a recipe like I do 😉

    • Actually, I started eating meat again mostly to have more energy. After reading a few books such as Real Food by Nina Planck and especially Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan, I wanted to see if eating meat would help me to feel better overall. And, for me, it did. What we choose to eat is deeply personal and I know those who would lecture me for hours if given the chance about what they think is “a better way” but, because of my migraines, I’ve tried so many things that, after suffering for 28 years, I know what works for me. I can say, without a doubt, that I feel better when I add meat to my diet than I do when I’ve removed it, even if I’m still eating dairy and eggs. Having more energy also means getting more done which means having less stress and sleeping better which turns into having fewer migraines. So, although it didn’t start to be specifically about the migraines I would say that it has helped.

      • Interesting. I tried vegetarianism before and returned to meat for similar reasons, then 6 years ago stopped eating meat, though am not fanatical about being a vegetarian.

  7. That’s funny you put in this disclaimer. As I was posting my most recent recipe, it was hard for me to figure out the amounts because I do the same. I just dump and go and it usually turns out pretty good. If not, we have 3 dogs.

    • Hilarious! And I have a cat who could probably out-eat your 3 dogs. He sticks so close to me in the kitchen that most of the time I don’t take steps, I just scuffle around so I don’t trip over him and have food flying all over the place. Which, on second thought, may have been his evil plot all along!

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