Sweet Potato Bake with Smoked Gouda and Sage

Sweet Potato Bake with Smoked Gouda and Sage

My CSA box blessed me with some sweet, small garnet yams and I just knew I needed to do something special with them.  My absolute favorite thing to do with sweet potatoes is to just cut them into cubes and roast them until soft and caramelized and then maybe add a bit of goat cheese.  I roast them in this dish, too.  But I take it a couple of flavors further and the result is sweet and savory and cheesy and crunchy.

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Carrot-and-Potato Cheddar Gratin

Carrot and Potato Cheddar Gratin with Thyme

I seem to have become overrun with carrots lately.  A couple of weeks ago I got a gorgeous bunch of large carrots from my CSA.  Somewhere along the way I acquired a bunch of medium-sized carrots and then, at a Sunday Farmer’s Market in Malibu I came across an adorable bunch of (real) baby carrots and just had to have them.  An impulse buy, for sure.  Sometimes I really wish that I could install a camera inside my refrigerator that would let me check what is in there no matter where I am.

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Persian For Cheese

I made Paneer today.  I’ve always understood it to be an Indian fresh cheese but learned today that the word “paneer’ is Persian for “cheese” and that the Indians learned a lot about dairy and cheese-making from the Persians.  So, there you go!

Making the Paneer was so easy it’s almost feels like a non-accomplishment.  It took more effort to get up the nerve to try it than it did to actually make it.  After reading about a dozen sites and watching a few YouTube videos, I found the info here to be the easiest to understand.

Basically, you get 8 cups of whole milk.  I used organic.  And then you need 2 to 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.

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