Strawberry Ginger Powerhouse Granola

Strawberry Ginger Powerhouse Granola

I’m a little bit obsessed with this granola.  I’ve had it for breakfast over yogurt nearly every day for over a week now.  And yesterday I made my second batch and then promptly had it for dinner.  It takes quite a few ingredients and nearly a hour (maybe a little more) or your time.  But, trust me, this is worth it!

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Farm Fresh To Me

I wrote in an earlier post about receiving fresh produce delivered right to my front door.  Farm Fresh To You is the service I have been using.

They let you select from a variety of mixes, frequency of delivery (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and they even let you do some customizing.  Say you never want to receive lettuce, you just opt-out of lettuces and they’ll put in a replacement item, at their discretion.

I’ve received deliveries twice now and I have to say that I’m impressed!  I’ve tried a couple of CSAs in the past but was always discouraged by having to go to a certain place at a specified time and then not finding things to be as fresh as I’d expect.

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